America's First $10 Gold Piece Coin With Display Box
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Due to British restrictions on the mintage of gold coins, Americans in the Thirteen Original Colonies used foreign coins such as the Spanish Gold Four Escudo. The model the Founding Fathers used for our own gold coins, this Spanish Gold Dubloon, as it was called in pirate tales, was renowned for its reliable 87.5% gold value. Now, claim your own Gold Four Escudo, struck between 1772 and 1820, with this exclusive presentation of America's First $10 Gold Piece Coin from The Bradford Exchange Mint.Featuring the King of Spain on one side and Spain's coat of arms on the other, this old Spanish gold coin was U.S. legal tender until 1857. Offered in Brilliant Uncirculated condition certified by the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) , your Gold Dubloon coin comes sealed in a crystal-clear tamper-proof holder authenticated by an NGC security hologram, bar code, and identification number. You will also receive a handsome mahogany-stained deluxe wooden display box, specially designed to protect and showcase your coin. This is truly a golden opportunity for collectors, so don't wait to claim your Spanish Gold Dubloon. Order now!... Read More


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